Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Out from under the dust!

So, I can't believe that I found this Blog! I remember thinking it would be a great thing to have, and then completely forgetting all about it. Took me a while to create a new password and log-in for it, but get excited...I'm BACK!

My favorite thing about this Blog, was noticing what I wrote in November of 2004: "I love to travel and I love kids, so I hope to incorporate the two for my future job. So I'm sure you will be hearing all about my travels as I post on this site!" Funny thing is, I currently work for a Study Abroad company that didn't even exist at the time that was written! spooky!

So, I'm here to start the documentation of my travels. I leave in a few days for SPAIN. I'm a little nervous because I've never traveled to a Spanish Speaking country on my very own before. AND...I haven't really spoken Spanish since I lived in Honduras 2 years ago. I think I'll need to go buy a pocket dictionary! My Itinerary is pretty cool...the first half of the trip is a marketing event, so I get to go to a coctail party, nice dinners, free accommodation and a tour to a winery/vineyard! The second half of the trip is for my company, visiting all the different sites throughout Spain where we have programs. It will be super busy and hectic, but I'm excited! I'll keep you posted on how it all goes....